AUSMAN Audio Will be With You In 2023

AUSMAN Audio Will be With You In 2023


AUSMAN has specialized in speaker ODM manufacturing for more than 10 years, our products reaches to 50 countries over the world.

AUSMAN Audio Will be With You In 2023
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2022 has already ended and 2023 is here.
In 2022, COVID-19 has been erratic and has traumatized the global economy and people of all countries to varying degrees, and the audio manufacturing industry is no exception.

Fortunately, the epidemic is now gradually being effectively controlled and many industries are beginning to recover.
We hope that 2023 will be a year of peace, upward mobility and prosperity, which will heal the wounds that the epidemic has brought to mankind and the planet.
Wooden speaker system
AUSMAN's 2022
2022 is also not an easy year for AUSMAN.
We are a professional speaker product manufacturer and exporter, with long production lines and large coverage, from plastic speaker shell injection moulding, speaker unit assembly to complete speaker assembly, involving thousands of parts and dozens of processes.
1, Difficulties and how to survive
In 2021, we streamlined our products into four groups, Portable Speakers, Pro & PA Speakers, Multimedia Speakers, and Retro Speakers, in order to serve our customers better, but there are still more than 100 speaker models covered, not including the new models developed by our customers.
Therefore, it is a great challenge for us to maintain the normal operation of the business.

In addition, the shutdown or closure of enterprises caused by COVID-19, our raw material supply, production capacity and late logistics are broken in different degrees, and some orders cannot even be delivered on time. This is unacceptable to either us or customers.
In fact, we survived.
When we received that our speaker supplier could not supply us with raw materials as scheduled, AUSMAN re-evaluated the actual situation and added two new speaker assembly lines in our factory, so that we could guarantee the regular delivery of most of the orders.
For the small amount of orders that could not be delivered on time, our sales team communicated with the customer very frankly and reached an agreement to reschedule the delivery.
Wooden speaker system
2, The birth of the disruptive product, Pro speaker system AS-219
Although AUSMAN's products have many styles and functions, they are also comprehensive and diverse. 
From AS-0809 and AS-2801 of the portable plastic speakers series to AS-PA01 and AS-VC17 of the Pro & PA speakers, these are the products that users like and sell steadily.
However, during our communication and survey with our customers, we found that they were satisfied with the quality, price and order delivery of our products.
They asked us a very similar question: we need a sound product with real AUSMAN characteristics, because other products are also good, but cannot be distinguished from other competitors' products.
This reminds us of the company's slogan Creativity, Power & Elegance, in fact we are committed to developing a disruptive speaker with the aura of AUSMAN and never give up.
Wooden speaker system
The control area of AS-219
In the first half of 2022, we accelerated the development of the Pro Portable speaker system AS-219, a project that actually began in 2021 and to which the entire R&D team attached great importance, so that the performance that did not reach the set target was re-tuned.
By June 2022, this multifunctional recording speaker test was completed.

We invested a lot of manpower and materials in the AS-219, but we feel most gratified not by the financial return, but by the quality of this product that has been recognized by our customers.
Wooden speaker system
CEO Randy always said, "The value of AUSMAN's existence is to solve the problems that our customers cannot solve themselves."
We respond to Randy with the AS-219, proving that we have not forgotten the original intention of the enterprise.
3, Minimize customer's risk
Whether for buyers or sell, payment and delivery time are always the two major pain points of international trade.
We cannot deny that in the past international transactions, it is true that in the commercial fraud. This has seriously hit the international economic rebound and development.
AUSMAN also abhors commercial fraud and will never be complicit in it.
Wooden speaker system

In June 2022, a Spanish customer placed an order in our factory, he ordered large-inch Portable Speakers, the total value is about 230,000 U.S., the delivery date is 2022.9.26.

However, on September 5, we informed the customer to prepare to pay the final payment for the goods, but the customer told us that their company had cash problems and could not pay the final payment, the ordered speakers should be temporarily stored in our warehouse, while promising to leave by the end of December 2022.

It was a problem for us because the second half of the year was full of orders and we had limited storage space in our factory.

If the goods are not picked up, it will seriously affect the daily operation of the warehouse, and the cost of the warehouse space is also a lot of money, the logistics and production departments insist that the goods must be shipped or compensate for the breach of contract.

The sales, logistics department and production department had a meeting for the event.

Vice President Janet said that the delay in picking up the goods was an unexpected event, but it was not a story that the customer did this, companies would has this problem sometimes, including AUSMAN.

Janet also said that we were here for our customers to solve their problems and now they were in trouble and we should help them out

In the end, we were able to temporarily store the Spanish customer's products in our factory by transferring them to an area that did not have a significant impact on production and the daily operation of the warehouse.

The matter was resolved perfectly and the customer kept his promise to pay and pick up the goods.

For AUSMAN Audio, there are so many things to say in 2022, but we would rather put our hope in 2023, may the world be peaceful and the global economy rebound.

AUSMAN's wish in 2023

For AUSMAN Audio, there is a lot to say in 2022, but we hope that in 2023, may the world be at peace, the global economy rebound and people live in peace and prosperity.

As an audio manufacturer, we hope we can produce more excellent products that will truly bring you joy.