The Import & Export Fair of Guangzhou on 15, April 2023

The Import & Export Fair of Guangzhou on 15, April 2023


Meet you at Guangzhou Canton Fair on 15 APril 2023 with our latest speaker models and technology.

The Import & Export Fair of Guangzhou on 15, April 2023
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Exclusive report: The 133rd China Import and Export Commodity Fair Should Not Be Missed!
The Import and Export Commodity Fair Guangzhou is one of largest foreign trade platforms in China. 
As an important window for China's economy and trade, it attracts buyers and companies from all over the world to participate. 
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Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
Guangzhou Carton Fair since 1957

It has been 66 years since the first Guangzhou Fair in 1957. This year, the 133rd China Import and Export Commodity Fair is coming.

At that time, exhibitors over the world will gather at the Canton Fair exhibition hall to show the latest technology , High -quality products and the world's latest economic and trade information.

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Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center Is Located In Guangzhou

Thousands of Products For You
The industry includes lighting products, bicycle exhibition machinery, new energy, electronics, household appliances, car accessories, hardware tools, etc.

Products in th fair cover industry, civilian, fast consumer goods, such as home appliances, electric tools, digital products, audio products, etc.
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One of The Three Major Trading Fairs In The Canton Fair

Face -to -face With Chinese Factory
During the exhibition, you will have the opportunity to communicate face -to -face with outstanding entrepreneurs and industry leaders from all over the world, in-depth understanding of the international economic and trade situation and market trends, and to meet new business partners.

Not only that, this exhibition will also launch a series of innovative highlights and characteristic exhibition areas, so that you can better understand different industries and fields, and master the latest business developments and market trends. 

In addition, the exhibition will hold a number of high -end forums and professional seminars to provide you with more depth, breadth and professional business exchange opportunities.

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AUSMAN Will Be There On 15, April 2023
If you want to share your brand and products with the world, or find new business opportunities, then please participate in the 133rd China Import and Export Commodity Fair, bring this with many outstanding entrepreneurs and industry leaders, and explore future business in the future. 
The road of development. We are looking forward to your arrival!

We also bring the company's latest products and technologies to the fair, such as Pro Pa speaker AS-219 and Tower Speaker AS-1022, as well as the introduction of APPS and MP5 feature customization, 
AUSMAN Audio will be there on 15, April 2023, looking forward to meeting you.
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The Import and Export Commodity Fair of China (formerly known as the China Export Commodity Fair), commonly known as the Canton Fair, was founded in the spring of 1957. 

It is held in Guangzhou every year in spring and autumn. It has a history of more than 50 years. , The largest scale, the most complete types of goods, the largest number of merchants, and the best transaction effect.

Since the 101st session of April 2007, the Canton Fair has been renamed the "China Import and Export Commodity Fair".

Open twice a year, which are held in spring and autumn. 
The specific time is:

Spring Fair:
The first phase -time from April 15th to 19th.
The second phase -time is April 23-27.
The third phase -May 01 -May 05.

Autumn Fair:
The first phase -time is from October 15th to 19th.
The second phase -time is October 23-27.
The third phase -time is from October 31st -November 4th