The Market and performance analysis of ABS Plastic Speaker

The Market and performance analysis of ABS Plastic Speaker


The article describes the market conditions of ABS plastic speakers and analyzes its performance. Through the article, we can quickly learn about this type of speaker.

The Market and performance analysis of ABS Plastic Speaker
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Article Summary:

1. The current market of the ABS Plastic Speaker
 ABS plastic speaker in the market
  ABS plastic used in fields of our lives
  * ABS plastic speaker from different brands

2. Machining and performance analysis of ABS Plastic Speakers
  * High durability
  * Good processability
  * Lightweight and high strength
  * Excellent stability
  * Good plasticity
  * Effectively improve the quality of sound

ABS plastic is an excellent engineering plastic, usually used in the production of speakers, many companies will use this material to produce the speaker shells.
Wooden speaker system
ABS Plastic
1. The current market of the ABS Plastic Speaker

ABS plastic speaker in the market
ABS plastic speaker's prices and market conditions vary depending on factors such as brand, model and specification.
In general, the price is relatively affordable, and suitable for low-end market consumers. The sound quality and durability is much better than PP plastic speakers.

In the market, ABS speaker is a common type of speaker market. You can use it at home, office, school and other occasions. 
With the increase in consumer demand for sound quality, the market has also emerged some high-end ABS plastic speakers, these products are well in terms of appearance, sound quality and other aspects, the price is also higher.

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ABS Plastic Material with Colors

ABS plastic used in fields of our lives
In addition to the traditional speaker market, ABS plastic speakers are also gradually used in car audio, stage audio and other fields, with broad market prospects and application space.

ABS plastic speaker from different brands
The price and market situation of ABS plastic speakers is stable, while with the increasing consumer demand for sound quality and appearance, the market will also appear more and more high-quality ABS plastic speaker products.

For the current market of Plastic Speaker Box manufacturers, we have produced a statistical table, respectively, from the brand, model selling points and prices for comparison, so that we can understand the market situation in more detail.

Selling Points and Price of Different Brands of ABS Speakers
Selling Points
JBL Speaker
Party Box 110
IPX7 level waterproof, good bass effect, portable design
Harman Kardon Speaker
Go + Play Mini2
360-degree surround sound effect, wireless charging function
Bose Speaker
S1 Pro
Light and easy to carry, up to 10 hours of battery life
Sony Speaker
Portable high power speaker with bluetooth 
RunningMan Speaker
Thump GO
Simple appearance, Portable wirelss PA speaker
AUSMAN Speaker
Portable,lightweight and live broadcst PA system
The price mainly comes from Amazon, the speakers in the form is in the picture below
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Because the type of speakers are not the same, the product configuration is also differentthe above prices are for reference only.

The specific price may be affected by a variety of factors such as product models, configurations, sales channels and sales regions, and thus produce production differences.

2. Machining and performance analysis of ABS Plastic Speakers
* High Durability: The ABS has high wear resistance and impact resistance, can effectively protect the speaker's internal electronic components.

* Processability: It can be processed through injection molding and other processes, making the speaker shell can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes.

* Lightweight and High Strength: It has good strength and hardness, while low density, can make the speaker shell with high strength and durability, while light weight, easy to carry.

* Stability: It has good chemical stability and weather resistance, can resist the effects of ultraviolet light and high temperature, to ensure that long-term use of the speaker shell will not deformation or discoloration and other situations.

*Plasticity: Additives can be used to improve the physical properties of the material, such as increasing the rigidity of the material, heat resistance and chemical resistance, etc.

* Effectively Improve The Quality of Sound: The ABS speaker enclosure density is very close to the wood MDF for making high speakers, strong and tight, the sound is bright when knocking on the shell, and the response is obvious.
It can effectively reduce or suppress the resonance caused by the sound of the speaker, making the sound more clear and pure.

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What Is The Manufacturing Process of ABS Plastic Enclsures

The manufacturing process of ABS plastic casing typically involves the following steps:
1. Design: Based on the client's requirements and the intended use of the product, design a suitable casing structure and create a 3D model of the casing.

2. Manufacturing of molds: Manufacture corresponding molds according to the 3D model of the casing, usually using precision machining techniques such as CNC machining.

3. Injection molding: Put ABS plastic pellets into the injection molding machine, melt the plastic by heating, inject the melted ABS plastic into the mold, and solidify the plastic under certain pressure and temperature to form the casing blank.

4 .Post-processing: Perform post-processing techniques such as removing burrs, polishing, and painting to make the surface of the casing smooth and attractive.

5. Assembly: Assemble the casing according to the product requirements, add components such as circuit boards, power supplies, buttons, and displays, and finally form a complete electronic product.

The above is the basic manufacturing process of ABS plastic casing, and the specific process may vary depending on the product.

In the AUSMAN Audio manufacturing factory, there is a set of ABS plastic injection molding molds to produce speaker shells. You can customize different models of speaker ABS shells for you. 

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