What Is The Best Material For Speaker Cabinets?

What Is The Best Material For Speaker Cabinets?


The article talks about the advantages and disadvantages of the current market making speakers, wood, plastic and metal.

What Is The Best Material For Speaker Cabinets?
Wooden speaker system

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* Topic Description
* Initial Analysis
* Detailed Analysis For The Topic
  1. Wood speakers
  2. Plastic speakers
  3. Metal speakers
* The ODM Manufacturing of AUSMAN

Topic Description
At present, there are many cabinet materials on the market, but there are roughly the following types.
* Wood speakers
* Plastic speakers
* Metal speakers
So which is the best material for speaker cabinets?

Initial Analysis
It would be one-sided to compare the audio only from the material of the cabinet. 
Because there are many factors related to the good and bad sound quality, especially the development of chip technology has weakened many traditional factors.

If the technology and hardware of speakers are the same, only the cabinets of different materials are used for comparison, we think the comparison will be meaningful.
So let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each material today.

Detailed Analysis For The Topic
1. Wooden speakers

Traditional speakers generally use solid wood and MDF. No matter what kind of pure wood cabinet it is, the impact on the sound is warm and full. When the density of the wooden speaker is appropriate, its resonance and acoustic short circuit can be well eliminated.

In terms of sound quality, the wooden box also has better control over resonance, and its sound is easier to make and natural. 
Moreover, the three frequency bands of the speaker can also achieve a relatively balanced state.

The disadvantage is moisture, and its weight will be heavier and the cost will be higher as well.

Many of the AUSMAN series products are wooden speakers of the Pro & PA Serie, such as Portable Musical Instrument AMPLIFIER AS-216, Line Array Speaker as-VC16, 12 "Woofer Passive Speaker AS-KU16, etc.
Wooden speaker system
Wooden speaker system

2. Plastic speakers

In fact, it is a general term for plastics. The main materials used to make speaker caninets are PP plastics and ABS plastics.

One of the biggest advantages of plastic is its strong plasticity, which can be used to design diverse types, increasing the added value and decoration of products. The plastic casing can also effectively reduce the total cost of the sound box, and at the same time facilitate mass production.

But plastic itself has its drawbacks, as it's generally less rigid and prone to resonance. Because of this, the sound quality of plastic speakers has relatively high requirements for later debugging.

For example, most of the AUMSAN Party Speakers are using Plastic Cabinets: Bluetooth Party Speaker AS-T308, Wireless Bluetooth Speaker AS-0815, Wireless Blutooth Tower Speaker AS-1022 are all speakers with PP cabinet. 
And the Portable PA system AS-219 is a ABS plastic speaker.

Wooden speaker system
Wireless Bluetooth Speaker AS-0815(PP Cabinet)
Wooden speaker system

3. Metal material

It's made of metal. Whether it is in the field of monitoring in recording studios or in the field of civilian wifi, it is also used.
Metal speakers were once considered the best material for suppressing cabinet resonance.

In terms of sound, regardless of the material and characteristics of the speaker unit, the sound presented by almost all metal box speakers is very good: high transparency, straightforward and clean sound.

But the disadvantages also exist. Metal itself is a high-quality conductor of sound, with low internal loss, and it is expensive.

Wooden speaker system
Speaker with Metal Enclsure
We cannot simply evaluate whether wooden speakers are better or plastic speakers from a certain angle. 

This involves many factors, such as production process requirements, cost considerations, transportation, consumption habits in different regions of the world, personal needs, etc., all of which need to be judged comprehensively.

The ODM Manufacturing of AUSMAN
Custom speaker manufacturer AUSMAN has been engaged in the research and development and production of speakers for more than 10 years. 

We provide different kinds of customized speakers for different markets around the world: praty speakers, Pro speakers, PA speakers, column speakers or multimedia speakers.
All the catalogues above can be used in defferent occasions: Family gatherings, street performances, stage performances, school classrooms, company meeting rooms, outdoor parties, jungle recreation, beach parties, etc.

Whether it is a wooden speaker or a plastic speaker, as long as you have the need, you can contact our team, and we will formulate a detailed feasible plan for your company, including OEM OEM, ODM or current product upgrades and performance customization, such as APPs.

New product customization, from ideas to real production, AUSMAN only needs 40 days.(For more custom details)