What Does A Bluetooth Party Speaker Do?

What Does A Bluetooth Party Speaker Do?


The article talks about the Performance and application of Bluetooth Party Speakers, so we can know it well.

What Does A Bluetooth Party Speaker Do?
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Bluetooth Party Speaker
The Bluetooth Party Speaker is a portable speaker that can play music through Bluetooth. It usually has a high volume, high quality, and powerful bass effect.
It can provides a better music experience for party or outdoor activities.

Feature 1: Built-in Battery
This speaker usually has a built -in battery and charging function, which can be used without a power socket. 
The battery generally uses a lithium ion battery or lead -acid battery. 

The battery life of lithium-ion batteries can generally be more than 5 hours or even a dozen times, and its volume is much smaller than the lead -acid battery, which can be used in small portable Bluetooth speakers.

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Feature 2: Waterproof and Earthquake-resistant Design
This speaker usually has waterproof and earthquake-resistant design to adapt to various outdoor environments. 
Their general waterproof levels are IPX4, such as AUSMAN's portable speakers are all IPX4. 

And some brands will launch higher waterproof IPX7, even if the speakers fall into water, it does not affect its normal use.
Portalbe Bue tooth speaker from AUSMAN

Feature 3: TWS-True Wireless Stereo
In addition, some Bluetooth party speakers also have the function of connecting another speaker to achieve better sound effects (TWS), which can expand the range and volume of music playback.

The common feature of the Bluetooth party speaker
The common feature of the Bluetooth party speaker: the size is not large, the weight is light, and the mobility is strong (some with a trolley and a pulley, we are called Trolley Speaker). The battery life of the built -in battery is generally more than 6 hours. Light show and so on.

There are many adaptive occasions: such as family gatherings, courtyard activities, outdoor camps, beach vacations, street performances, music creation, as long as any party or party that needs music can be used.

We often say that there are two essential things in party gatherings: iced beer and music.