Kinds of Speakers Importing From AUSMAN China

Kinds of Speakers Importing From AUSMAN China


Here we list Kinds of AUSMAN Speakers Importing From China for you, including pro speakers, PA speakers, party speakers, multimedia speakers ,retro speakers.

Kinds of Speakers Importing From AUSMAN China
AUSMAN Party speaker with lights AS-0813

Navigation of Speakers Importing from AUSMAN China:
 * Party Speaker 
 * Outdoor Speaker 
 * Portable Speake
 PA Speaker
 * Floor-standing Speaker
 * Wireless Speaker
 * Bookshelf Speaker
 * Multimedia Speaker
 * Retro Speaker

AUSMAN Audio, as a speaker ODM speaker manufacturer China, do you know how many kinds of speakers can you find that meet your import needs?
Speakers can be classified according to different classification basis, so dozens of different names or names can be derived. 
Do you feel confused for the names of the speakers?

Sometimes the same product has different names, and we have encountered misunderstandings in the process of contacting customers because of different names.
Built-in dynamic light show AS-T308

For example, according to the usage scenarios of the speakers, they can be divided into outdoor speakers, home speakers, car speakers, etc.; according to the quality requirements, they can be divided into professional speakers and civilian speakers; ) speakers, etc., the professional stage speaker series is also classified into main speakers, back-listening speakers and monitor speakers.

Here we list Kinds of Speakers Importing From speaker manufacturer AUSMAN China for you, including pro speakers, PA speakers, party speakers, multimedia speakers ,retro speakers.

Thanks to AUSMAN's comprehensive R&D and production capabilities and years of experience, we can provide many different types of speakers and related customized services.

Below are the types of speakers that you can import from AUSAMN China to your country. 
The following classifications are mainly based on the current popular general terms on Google or the terms recognized by AUSMAN customers.

Importing Party Speaker from AUSMAN China
What does a Party Speaker do in our daily?
Party speakers are audio equipment specially designed for hosting parties, gatherings or other social events. The party speaker has a lightweight, portable design that can be easily transported and set up as it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

You can connect to other devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers via wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or NFC for easy music playback.
The external sound of the party speaker is generally louder than loud, and has a balanced sound adjustment, which can make the music sound clearer and more balanced.

When you need to purchase party speakers from Chinese speaker manufacturers, you need to consider factors such as the sound quality, power, connection options and portability of the speakers, as well as the differences in the local market. It is recommended to exchange opinions with AUSMAN's sales team before making a decision.
Product Recommendation: AUSMNA Party Speaker AS-2801
Party speaker with music surrouding AUSMAN AS-2801
Importing Outdoor Speaker from AUSMAN China
Outdoor speaker is a speaker product specially used in outdoor occasions. This kind of speaker is usually waterproof, dustproof, wear-resistant and other characteristics, and can adapt to various harsh weather and environmental conditions.
The sound quality of outdoor speakers is also very good, which can provide strong music support for outdoor activities.

Outdoor speakers usually adopt a portable design, which is convenient for users to carry and move. At the same time, most outdoor speakers support Bluetooth wireless connection and audio input, so that users can easily connect to mobile phones, tablet computers, MP3 and other devices to play their favorite music at any time.

In addition, outdoor speakers are often widely used in camping, picnics, hiking, swimming and other outdoor activities, becoming an indispensable part of outdoor life.

Generally speaking, the outdoor speaker is a speaker product with complete functions, excellent performance, portable and practical, which is favored by many outdoor enthusiasts and music lovers.

AUSMAN has been focusing on speaker manufacturing for 12 years, and can create exclusive outdoor speakers for your brand, including making differentiated adjustments in all aspects such as appearance, color, and waterproof.
AUSMAN outdoor trolley speaker AS-1518
Importing Portable Speaker from AUSMAN China
A portable speaker is a kind of audio equipment that can be carried with you, and is usually used in outdoor, travel, party and other occasions. 

They are usually small and light, have wireless connection and charging functions, and can be connected to audio sources such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or USB to play music, movies, or other audio content.

What aspects need to be paid attention to when importing from Chinese speaker manufacturers?
You need to consider factors such as sound quality, power, battery life, connection method, size and weight, price, etc., and also combine your country's consumption habits, product preferences, and payment level (price).
Product Recommendation: Bluetooth party speaker AUSMAN AS-T308
Bluetooth party speaker AUSMAN AS-T308

Importing PA Speaker from AUSMAN China

PA speaker (Public Address System Loudspeaker) is a speaker specially used in public places, suitable for various occasions such as concerts, conferences, indoor and outdoor broadcasting, sports competitions, teaching and religious ceremonies.

PA speakers usually have high volume and powerful sound performance, which can provide clear and loud sound effects for large events. PA speakers can also be combined with multiple speakers according to needs to expand the coverage area of the sound and improve the overall sound effect.

Performance indicators such as sound quality, power, and frequency response range of PA speakers are very important, because they directly affect the use effect and user experience of the speakers.

PA speakers also come in different sizes and shapes, and you can choose speakers suitable for different venues and uses to match them. Generally speaking, PA speaker is a speaker product with powerful functions and excellent performance, which is widely used in various large-scale activities and occasions.
500W powered PA speaker AS-PA01

Importing Floor-standing Speaker from AUSMAN China

AUSAMN's Floor-standing speakers are all with LED lights, and multi -functional speakers integrated with sound collection effects and lights.

When users use, they can emit rich lighting effects, making music more dynamic and shocking.

The countries and regions we are exported to North America and South America, but the biggest export is the current Middle East, with an annual sales of about 20,000 units.
Product Recommendation: Floor-standing Speaker AUSMANA AS-PS20

Floor-standing speaker AUSMANA AS-PS20

Importing Wireless Speaker from AUSMAN China

According to the current market situation, wireless speakers can be connected to audio source equipment without audio cable connection to achieve the purpose of playing music. Here are a few common types:

1. Bluetooth Speaker: Use Bluetooth to connect to your electronic devices and play your music.
2. Wi-Fi Speaker: Connect to your home network with Wi-Fi, download music from the Internet and play it.
Most of our speakers are Blutooth speakers, we don't has wifi speakers in speaker manufacturer AUSMAN China so far.
Bluetooth speakers AUSMAN AS-2177

Importing Instrument Speaker from AUSMAN China

A musical instrument speaker is a speaker specially designed to amplify the sound of a musical instrument, and it is at the level of a professional speaker.

It usually has high fidelity and high power, so that the sound of the instrument can be clearly transmitted to the audience or recording equipment.
Musical instrument speakers are designed according to the characteristics of different musical instruments, such as electric guitar speakers, electric bass speakers, piano speakers, drum kit speakers, etc.

For performers, the use of instrument speakers allows them to better control their musical performances and provide a better listening experience for live audiences.

AUSMAN can create different levels of musical instrument cabinets for customers, depending on the customer's target market demand, we can provide you with the lowest cost customized solution for musical instrument cabinets under the premise of ensuring quality.
Portable instrument speaker AUSMAN AS-216

Importing Bookshelf Speaker from AUSMAN China
A bookshelf speaker is a small, well-designed speaker that is typically placed on a bookshelf or in a home entertainment system.

They give you clear sound and premium sound quality, perfect for playing music, watching movies or gaming around the home.
Bookshelf speakers typically have high fidelity and strong bass for a richer music experience.

Due to their small size, bookshelf speakers are easy to install and match, making them ideal for installation in small spaces such as a study, bedroom or living room.

AUSMAN provides the world with a wide range of options in the ODM production of bookshelf speakers, from drawings to complete products, so that you can confirm the uniqueness of your brand products.
Product Recommendation: Bookshelf Speaker AUSMAN AS-V12N
Bookshelf speaker AUSMAN AS-VC12

Importing Multimedia Speaker from AUSMAN China
A Multimedia Speaker is usually used to connect to a computer, mobile phone, tablet or other digital devices.

It can play various media content such as music, movies, TV shows and more. Multimedia Speakers usually have multiple input options so that users can connect using different devices.

They usually have high fidelity and powerful bass for a better music and video experience.

In addition to the differentiated appearance, AUSMAN's multimedia speakers also have the function of adding dynamic LDE lights, which increases the enjoyment of the user's viewing angle.
Product Recommendation:  Multimediea Speaker For Home AUSMAN AS-C360

Multimediea speaker for home AS-C360

Importing Retro Speaker from AUSMAN China
A retro amp is a speaker designed in a retro style, usually with the look of an old radio, but with modern technology.

The speakers are designed to provide users with a unique and stylish look while maintaining high-quality sound. Retro speakers usually have a variety of functions, such as supporting wireless connections such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, built-in tuning functions, and digital displays.

Suitable for home entertainment, parties and special occasions, they can bring users a pleasant music experience and become a very stylish decoration.

Retro speakers are not the mainstream speakers in the market at present, they are highly customized speakers. At AUSMA you can find any custom services for retro speakers, including sound schemes, appearance, even if it is just an idea, we can also provide You turn it into a real product.
Product Recommendation: Rreo Speaker AUSMAN AS-GH908

Rreo speaker AUSMAN AS-GH908

At The End

As an ordinary buyer, it may not be easy to find speakers that match the speakers you are selling due to the large product modules on the AUSMAN official website.

After reading this blog post, you will quickly find the speaker you need to import to your side in our product category.