Custom the Party Tower Speaker in Factory China

Custom the Party Tower Speaker in Factory China


Why do you need to customize your brand’s exclusive party tower speakers?

How to find reliable party tower speakers manufacturers and exporters?

Custom the Party Tower Speaker in Factory China
AUSMAN AUDIO Party Tower Speakers 

Why Need To Custom Brand's Exclusive Party Tower Speakers?
How to find reliable party tower speakers manufacturers and exporters?

Customize brand exclusive party tower speakers, especially party tower speakers with LED lights. The unique lighting design makes your products more attractive to consumers.
In the world of audio equipment, finding the right manufacturer is crucial, and when it comes to party tower speakers, party tower speaker manufacturers and suppliers play a pivotal role.

As the world's factory today, China has many excellent party speaker manufacturers and suppliers, providing better services to brands and dealers around the world.

Choosing The Right Manufacturer Is Half The Battle
Choosing a reliable manufacturer is the first step to ensuring the quality of your custom party tower speakers. With so many options available, factors such as product quality, production capacity, and reputation must be considered. Choosing a party tower speaker customization factory with its own brand and city can not only ensure quality, but also ensure that it is based on your local market needs, giving your brand an advantage in the competition.

Suggestion: The advantage of working with manufacturers in China is that they have their own R&D teams and production lines, making it more flexible to change plans.

Do Research on Customization Needs
Every country or brand has its own unique requirements for audio, and customization is key to meeting those needs. Customize your party tower speakers to your specific preferences (including power/speaker/APP/LED light options), allowing you to create a personalized audiovisual experience. The benefits of customization are not limited to sound quality, but can also add extra ambience through other features such as Karaoke.

For example, the factory AUSMAN AUDIO is committed to creating differentiated party tower speakers for customers. We provide customers with a wide range of choices in product customization.
Customers can customize product models according to market and brand needs. From appearance to hardware and software, AUSMAN provides you with reliable OEM solutions.

Karaoke Speaker System with Lights AS-PS10
Karaoke Speaker System with Lights AS-PS10
Bluetooth Floor Standing Speaker AS-PS27
Bluetooth Floor Standing Speaker AS-PS27

Custom Party Dual Tower Speaker Set
The allure of a party dual tower speaker set lies in its ability to deliver a powerful and immersive sound experience. Customization, including the integration of LED lights, takes the experience to a whole new level. Imagine your speakers pulsating with the rhythm, complemented by vibrant LED lights that sync with the beat. It's more than just sound; it's a visual feast.

The manufacturer AUSMAN's party tower speakers are mainly twin-tower products, with about 10 new products every year. Recently, we have developed a single party tower speaker, which also provides our dealers and partners with more choices.

Wholesale Bluetooth Tower Speaker with Subwoofer
For those who want to buy in bulk, wholesale options can be a game changer. The demand for wholesale Bluetooth tower speakers with subwoofer is rising, and customization ensures each unit meets the required specifications. Adding a subwoofer enhances the bass, while LED lights create an engaging visual audio experience.

New Function: Tower Speaker App
The function of the APP provides convenience for users to control speaker playback, and the same progress also increases speakers' usage scenarios.

Quality Assurance in Manufacturing
Maintaining high standards in manufacturing is crucial for delivering top-quality customized party tower speakers. The best factories implement rigorous quality control measures to ensure that each speaker that leaves the production line, including LED lights, meets the set standards. This commitment to quality sets them apart in a competitive market.

Factory AUSMAN has always regarded product quality as its lifeline. Insist on providing customers with high-quality audio equipment.
In this series of party tower speakers, we insist on using 1.5 mm thick MDF+ABS control board as the main body. This is also a conclusion reached after many experiments. 1.5mm MDF provides high-quality sound without being too thin or too thick, resulting in reduced quality or increased cost.

Benefits of Customization for Your Brand
Branded custom party tower speakers can keep your product unique in the market.
This can attract consumers' attention, give the product more exposure, and win the market.

How to find reliable party tower speakers manufacturers?
It is a complicated process in selecting manufacturers and suppliers, we can find it from Google/B2B platforms, etc.
As a result, some wholesalers and exporters may not have their own factories, and they also send orders to factories for OEM, which will increase the maximum cost of the product.
So if you have the conditions, go directly to the Chinese factory for inspection to see if their factory scale, production equipment, and testing standards meet your requirements.

For example: among the cooperative customers of AUSMAN AUDIO, more than 60% of them have visited our factory. Visiting the factory provides both parties with the opportunity to talk face-to-face, which not only deepens their understanding of each other, but also increases opportunities and trust for business cooperation.

If you plan to work with a Chinese supplier to customize high-quality party tower speakers, the following suggestions may help you.
1. Cooperate with suppliers who have production plants.
2. Make sure its product direction is consistent with your brand.
3. The quality standards meet your requirements.
4. Relevant certificates can be provided, such as CE, RoHS, BSCI, FCC, UL, PSE.
5. Choose suppliers with many years of manufacturing and production experience.

1. Can I choose different LED light colors for my brand?
Absolutely! The customization options include a variety of LED light colors, allowing you to match them with your event theme or personal preference.

2. Can I control the LED lights through the dual party tower speaker app?
Yes, the dual party tower speaker app offers convenient control over the LED lights. You can adjust colors, intensity, and even synchronize them with the music.

3. Are the materials used in manufacturing the party tower speakers eco-friendly?
Yes, the best factory in China prioritizes sustainability. They use eco-friendly materials and adopt practices that minimize the environmental impact of speaker production.

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