Factory Custom Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System AS-0813
Factory Custom Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System AS-0813
Factory Custom Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System AS-0813
Factory Custom Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System AS-0813
Factory Custom Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System AS-0813
Factory Custom Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System AS-0813

Item specifics

Drive Unit
12" Woofers + Tweeter
7.4V/3600mAh Lithium battery
PE bag+carton
Minimum order quantity
200 sets



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AS-0813 is a custom 12-inch outdoor Bluetooth speaker system with solid and durable ABS plastic case and dynamic RGB.

Thanks to the operated characteristics of plastic molding, it has a unique shape design, which is different from our common rectangular box. 

If you need similar speaker products, please contact us, we provide you with a feasible customization solution.

  • 8"

  • 6h

    Battery Life
  • RGB 

  •  100W

outdoor bluetooth speaker system

About the AS-0813

A large disc is designed in the middle of the front face of the Bluetooth outdoor speaker system, and the 12-inch woofer is placed behind it in the speaker cabinet.

Therefore, it is a highly customized speaker product, giving us a brand new feeling in appearance.
If you need to customize the exclusive configuration of your brand, please contact AUSMAN, our engineering team will make differentiated adjustments to the product according to your requirements, and this process usually takes 1-2 weeks.

AS-0813 has a built-in battery of 6 hours of battery life, which is easy to carry at the same time, so it can easily cope with many occasions in life, such as playing music, family gatherings, stage performance, outdoor party (fields, forests, beaches, etc.)
Model NO.



Trolley speaker


1*8 Woofer + tweeter


7.4V/3600mAh Lithium battery



Adapter, user manual, remote control, wireless microphone*2(optional)
PE bag+carton/340*340*635mm
Place of production
Product Application Scenario
Custom Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System AS-0813
* AUSMAN Insists On The User -Oriented

Any product in our company is based on the essence of the product and the needs of users.

The custom outdoor Bluetooth speaker system is equipped with a 12-inch high-quality bass for this outdoor box and a horn high.
Therefore, we will find that the music of its playback is surprisingly clean and clear, even at the maximum volume, there is no distortion.

These are information feedback after our customers use, and the result of our engineering team practice.
* Dynamic RGB light show

When we press the power switch, the dynamic lighting system of this Outdoor Speaker System will turn on at the same time.

There are 7 kinds of light modes in the system for us to choose to replace. The built -in sound sensor in it can automatically adjust the lights with the song beat.

In addition, we can manually choose the appropriate light show according to personal preferences or use of scenes.
Custom Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System AS-0813-1
Custom Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System AS-0813-2
* A Variety of Input Options and Wireless Bluetooth 

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System AS-0813 supports multiple methods. For example, TF and flash memory USB play, you can also play AUS through AUX cables, and you can listen to FM radio.

But when it comes to the most convenient way, it may be wireless Bluetooth function. The device supports wireless connections with most Bluetooth devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, PSP, etc.
When our Bluetooth device paired with AS-0813, we adjusted the playback, playback mode, volume, etc. within 12 meters.
* Simple and convenient operation

The distribution of different operating areas is clear, and the key is with the backlight function. 

Even in a dimly light place, we can find the corresponding keys very easily, such as the following song, playback mode, volume adjustment, etc.
Custom Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System AS-0813 with multimedia amplifier
outdoor bluetooth speaker system
* Portable Bluetooth outdoor speaker system 

AS-0813 is equipped with built-in batteries that can continue to play 6 hours of music. In addition, it has a gentle lever and wheel. 

Whether it is indoors or outdoors, it is very easy to pull it for a long time and long distance.
Therefore, this is a versatile Outdoor Speaker System.
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outdoor bluetooth speaker system
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