Wholesale Portable Karaoke Machine Made In China
Wholesale Portable Karaoke Machine Made In China
Wholesale Portable Karaoke Machine Made In China
Wholesale Portable Karaoke Machine Made In China
Wholesale Portable Karaoke Machine Made In China
Wholesale Portable Karaoke Machine Made In China

Item specifics

Drive Unit
12'' Woofers+Tweeter
3.7V/1800 mAh Li-ion Battery
PE bag+carton
Minimum order quantity
200 sets



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Portable karaoke Machine Made In China AS-1209 is a multi-functional audio device that integrates song playback, recording, sound change, microphone adjustment. 

You can sing with this Portable Karaoke Speaker at any time at home, outdoor gathering, travel, performance and other occasions.

The product adopts advanced materials and craftsmanship, built -in cool lights, and has very good application performance.

This product accepts ODM customization or redesign.

  • 12"

  • 6h

    Battery Life
  • k-song

  •  Plastic

Portable karaoke Machine Made In China AS-1209 For home parties

Parameters of This Wirless Speaker Systems
If you think the following parameters do not meet the needs of your area of sales, please contact us. We will provide you with a new production plan as soon as possible.
Model NO.
Custom & Wholesale
12″ Woofers+Tweeter 
11.1V/1800 mAh Li-ion Battery
USB/AUX/BT/Mic input/headphone port
Adapter, user manual, remote control, wireless microphone*2(optional)
PE bag+carton/275*295*550mm 
Place of production
Technical Features and Applications
Portable karaoke Machine AS-1209
High-strength PP Enclsure 

First of all, the shell of AS-1209 uses high-strength PP materials, which has the characteristics of protection and durability. 
This material is hard and durable, which can effectively prevent the device from being impacted or accidentally damaged during use. 
At the same time, it is a Trolley Speaker with MIC, which has its own tie rods and pulleys, which provides convenience for us to use outdoors.

Good Hardware Performance

Secondly, this portable karaoke machine AS-1209 uses advanced digital signal processing technology to achieve high-quality audio effects.
The AS-1209 is equipped with a 12-inch high-fidelity speaker, with clear and bright human voice.
At the same time, the product also supports a variety of sound modes. 
It can adjust the sound according to the needs of the user, such as the setting of treble and bass, connecting MIC echo settings, etc., which can meet the music needs of different users.
Portable karaoke Machine Made In China AS-1209
Amplifier of Portable karaoke Machine Made In China AS-1209
Quick-connect With Your Device
In addition, AUSMAN's AS-1209 is also a Portable Karaoke Party Speaker. 
It supports Bluetooth connection and USB interface, which is convenient for users to play song playback and audio transmission. 
In addition, the product is also equipped with a high -sensitivity microphone, which can achieve high-quality audio recording and transmission.
Users can adjust microphone as needed to make the singing effect better. The LED light show that automatically captures the song beat, especially at night, add the atmosphere to the party.
For Events of indoor or Outdoor

Finally, the built-in battery can support 3-6 hours playback time. The product also supports fast charging, which is convenient for users to charge anymore anymore.
In short, the portable karaoke machine is a very practical audio equipment, which has the characteristics of protection, durability, high -quality sound effects, multi -function, etc., and is suitable for use in family, tourism, performance and other occasions. 
Whether it is ordinary users or music lovers, it can meet most of your needs: indoors or outdoors.
Details of Portable karaoke Machine Made In China AS-1209

The injected machines for speakers in AUSMAN factory
What Can We Do For You Else?
Ausman product customization service can help your brand succeed.

Both the global market and users have the characteristics of differentiation. 
There are also differences in the details of portable karaoke machines in different regions, including the distribution of trees, trebles, medium and bass distribution, color and mobility.

Our company is  a professional ODM manufacturer, with rich experience and excellent manufacturing capabilities in the field of portable karaoke machines. 
On the basis of the current AS-1209 model, rebuild your exclusive portable karaoke machine for you. 
The customized items include the color of the box, the tip, the light, and the display site, the logo customization, the speaker unit, the power improvement, the exterior effect of the sound (highlighting the sound of the human sound or the bass).

We have a strong and experienced R & D team that can design and develop product design and development according to customer needs, and provide a comprehensive ODM manufacturing service.

In the process of manufacturing, AUSMAN uses advanced production equipment and processes. From the shell injection to the whole speaker's entire assembly, it can achieve efficient, accurate and stable production to ensure product quality.

AUSMAN also has a comprehensive quality management system (ISO9001). From raw material procurement to products from products, each link is strictly controlled to ensure stable and reliable product quality.

In addition, we also provide a variety of supporting services, including logistics transportation, after -sales maintenance, technical support, etc. We can provide customers with personalized solutions, so that customers can better seize market opportunities and win competitive advantages.

As an ODM manufacturer, our company has very good manufacturing capabilities and services in the field of portable karaoke machines, which can meet customers' requirements for product quality, functions, appearance and other aspects to help customers succeed in the market.

What can we do for you?
  • Reply your inquiry in 24 working hours.(our normal working time:6:00~22:00)

  • Professional team solves product -related problems for you.Customized design is available.

  • Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by our well-trained and professional engineers and staff.

The side view of Portable karaoke Machine Made In China AS-1209
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