Wooden LED Bluetooth Speaker AS-PS106 From Manufacturer China
Wooden LED Bluetooth Speaker AS-PS106 From Manufacturer  China
Wooden LED Bluetooth Speaker AS-PS106 From Manufacturer  China
Wooden LED Bluetooth Speaker AS-PS106 From Manufacturer  China
Wooden LED Bluetooth Speaker AS-PS106 From Manufacturer  China
Wooden LED Bluetooth Speaker AS-PS106 From Manufacturer  China

Item specifics

Output Power
Business Type
Minimum Order Quantity
200 PCS
PE Bag+Carton
Place of Production



Your Wooden LED Bluetooth Speaker Leading Manufacturer in China

Want to find a realiable OEM factory for your brand? Are you in search of a distinctive Wooden LED Bluetooth Speaker to boost your sales performance? Are you planning to customize a new Bluetooth speaker with a branded startup screen for your brand? Are your current supplier falling short when it comes to product performance optimization, leaving you lagging behind your competitors?

Guangzhou AUSMAN Audio Co., Ltd can address all your product-related concerns because we are a speaker manufacturer and exporter with over a decade of manufacturing experience.

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  • 4*12"

  • Wood

  • LEDs

  •  160W

DJ Karaoke Speaker AUSMAN AS-PS30

Specifications(Custom According To Your Local Market)
l General
Model No:  
Active DJ/Karaoke System
Bluetooth 5.0
Driver Units:
4*12" Woofer+Tweeter
Frequency Response:    

Power Output:

160 W
120-240 DC
l Weight&Dimensions
30 Kg
850 mm/33.5 inches
320 mm/12.6 inches
320 mm/12.6 inches

Custom Features That Make Your Brand Stand Out
Quality and Innovation in Every Note, Tailored to Your Brand
As pioneers in audio innovation, we've meticulously designed the AS-PS106 to be your preferred wooden Bluetooth speaker
It's not just a portable speaker; its MDF-made casing adds weight, totaling 15 kilograms. 
This sets the AUSMAN AS-PS106 apart from plastic counterparts, offering richer, more authentic sound.

Affordable Pricing That Meets Your Needs
Wondering about the Wooden Bluetooth Speaker Price from AUSMAN AUDIO? 
As an experienced manufacturer, we've priced the AS-PS106 to align with your customers' budgets without compromising quality. 
This is made possible by optimizing every aspect of our product and production processes, driving down AS-PS106 production costs.

Elevate Your Events with Captivating Light Circles
The manufacturer of the AS-PT106, Guangzhou AUSMAN Audio Co., Ltd., is renowned for excellence. For instance, in designing the LED light strip, we opted for a subtle approach by installing it along the metal grill and the edge of the plastic casing. This enhances the live effect when music plays without being overly flashy. 
Light Up Your Events with Dynamic Sound and Lights.
Customize your light mode to match your market's preferences.

Colorful LED Bluetooth Speaker: Ignite Your Senses
The AS-PS106 boasts an intricate LED lighting system that dances in sync with your music. 
A unique LED module resides between the high and low-frequency units. 
Here, you can personalize a welcoming message for your brand and showcase mesmerizing lighting effects. Elevate your brand's image through immersive light displays.

AUSMAN Customization: Tailored to Perfection for Your Brand
We craft high-quality wood Bluetooth speakers with meticulous attention to your brand's requirements. 
Our wooden Bluetooth speaker supports customization across various parameters. 
From shell colors to paint types, Bluetooth versions to frequency response curves, we help you create a resonant speaker that aligns with your brand's identity.
Wooden Bluetooth Speaker for Sale: Expand Your Sales Market
Guangzhou AUSMAN Audio Co., Ltd's mission is to provide you with enhanced quality and locally customized high-quality products. AUSMAN AS-PS106 is just one of our many outstanding products. Contact AUSMAN, and our team will tailor competitive speaker products to expand your brand reputation and sales performance.


1. Where Are The Wholesalers of AUSMAN AS-PS106 From?
Among the wholesalers currently cooperating with AUSMAN, the largest purchase volume of AS-PS106 comes from the Middle East, about 100,000 units per year, followed by South America, about 60,000 units per year, and the rest are from Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia.

2. How long does it take to customize the new features of AUSMAN AS-PS106?
At present, the mainstream function of the market has been simulated, and the period is generally completed within 14 days.
We will provide your basic model for you to test, see if its performance can meet your sales requirements.
For example, MP5 is a option function, the chip program has been done, you can decide whether to add to the product according to your market demand.

Wooden LED Bluetooth Speaker AS-PS106
The main box of Wooden LED Bluetooth Speaker AS-PS106
Wooden LED Bluetooth Speaker AS-PS106
Wooden LED Bluetooth Speaker AS-PS106

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LED Bluetooth Speaker AS-PS106
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