China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker With Disco Lights AS-PS105
China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker With Disco Lights AS-PS105
China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker With Disco Lights AS-PS105
China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker With Disco Lights AS-PS105
China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker With Disco Lights AS-PS105
China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker With Disco Lights AS-PS105

Item specifics

Output Power
Business Type
Minimum Order Quantity
200 PCS
PE Bag+Carton
Place of Production



Your Leading Manufacturer For Karaoke Party Speaker In China


A Karaoke Party Speaker With Disco Lights can get you more customer attention and trust. Dealers never stop looking for an OEM manufacturer with reliable manufacture and innovative technology. 

Therefore, AUSMAN AUDIO always adheres to the corporate purpose of providing customers with high-quality products.

Just like AUSMAN AS-PS105, we redesign the performance and popular elements of karaoke speakers to meet current market needs.

Of course, we will also customize new functions for AS-PS105 based on the user habits of your side and make them perfectly localized to get more customers for you.

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  • 4*12"

  • Wood

  • LEDs

  •  240W

China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker AUSMAN AS-PS105

Specifications(Custom According To Your Local Market)
l General
Model No:  
Active DJ/Karaoke System
Bluetooth 5.0
Driver Units:
4*12" Woofer+Tweeter
Frequency Response:    

Power Output:

240 W
120-240 DC
l Weight&Dimensions
32 Kg
850 mm/33.5 inches
360 mm/114.2 inches
360 mm/14.2 inches

Custom Features That Make Your Brand Stand Out
Elevate Your Brand Reputation with AUSMAN's AS-PS105
In the world of entertainment, nothing beats a good karaoke session. The joy of belting out your favorite tunes while the crowd joins in is incomparable. Now, imagine taking that experience up a notch with our cutting-edge LED Karaoke Party Speaker. Discover the perfect fusion of audio excellence and dazzling visuals, all packed into the AS-PS105.

Karaoke Party Speaker With Disco Lights
The sturdy 12 mm thick MDF cabinet weighs 11 kg per cabinet. The interior of the cabinet is designed based on acoustic principles. All of these are prerequisites for providing you with high-quality sound.
The special feature of AUSMAN AS-PS105 is that in addition to the ceiling lights on the top of the sub box, there are two disco lights between the main and sub woofers. With the light strip surrounding the bass, AS-PS105 provides us with a colorful performance A feast of lights.

Unmatched Customization and Quality
At AUSMAN Audio, we offer not just a speaker but a complete karaoke experience. Our AS-PS105 is customizable to suit your unique requirements, whether you're an importer, distributor, or audio product store. As a renowned manufacturer from China, we have the advantage of in-house production, ensuring top-tier quality and competitive pricing.

The AUSMAN AS-PS105 Advantage For Wholesalers Around The World
Dazzling Lights
The AS-PS105 stands out with its breathtaking disco lights and ceiling lights. These mesmerizing visuals are synchronized with your music, creating a captivating spectacle that elevates your karaoke party to another level.

Powerful Sound
With a total output power of 240W, this karaoke party speaker ensures that your music fills every corner of the room. Two 12-inch woofers and two 2.5-inch tweeters deliver crystal-clear audio quality.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Say goodbye to the hassle of wires. The AS-PS105 comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect your devices effortlessly. 

LED Screen Display
Keep track of your playlist and settings through the LED screen. It adds a modern touch to your karaoke setup and ensures convenience.

Sturdy Build
The AS-PS105 features an MDF box body and an ABS operation top board. This robust build guarantees durability, even during the most enthusiastic karaoke sessions.

Versatile Power Supply
You can power this karaoke speaker with a customized battery or AC electricity. It's adaptable to your needs, whether you're hosting an outdoor event or an indoor karaoke night.

AS-PS105: One Of The Best Karaoke Party Speaker From Factory China
When you're looking for party speaker of the ultimate karaoke experience, look no further than AUSMAN's AS-PS105 Karaoke Party Speaker. We are your one-stop solution, offering top-quality karaoke party speaker manufactured in China. 
With an export port in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, we cater to a global market, connecting with distributors, importers, and audio product stores worldwide.

Choose AUSMAN Audio, and let's make every karaoke night a resounding success.

FAQs For Large Bluetooth Speaker With Lights AS- PS105

1. OEM manufacturing and How To Work with AUSMAN AUDIO?
OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, refers to a business model in which one company produces components or products that are used by another company to sell under its own brand name. 
At AUSMAN Audio, we specialize in Large Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker OEM manufacturing for our clients. This means we have the capability to manufacture products, like our karaoke speakers, according to our clients' specifications and branding. So, if you're a distributor, importer, or audio product store looking to offer customized audio solutions under your brand, AUSMAN Audio can be your trusted partner.

2. How Does AUSMAN Audio Ensure the Quality of OEM-manufactured?
At AUSMAN Audio, we prioritize the quality of every product we manufacture, whether it's for our brand or OEM clients. Our experienced engineering team conducts thorough testing and inspections to guarantee that every product meets our high-quality standards. Additionally, our manufacturing processes adhere to industry best practices, ensuring the durability and performance of each product. Our goal is to provide our OEM clients with top-notch audio equipment that carries their brand's reputation effectively.
Get more informance from the post about quality control of AUSMAN " How to Ensure The Consistency of The Speaker Quality?
China OEM Karaoke Party Speaker AS-PS105
China OEM Karaoke Party SpeakerAS-PS105 with disco lights
OEM Karaoke Party Speaker AS-PS105
the main box of  Karaoke Party Speaker AS-PS105
Sub -box of AUSMAN AS-PS105

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Top panel Karaoke Party SpeakerAS-PS105
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