What is TWS Technology and Its Application in Speaker Manufacturing?

What is TWS Technology and Its Application in Speaker Manufacturing?


In this blog post, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to pair a Bluetooth speaker with your phone, allowing you to easily enjoy a wireless audio experience.

What is TWS Technology and Its Application in Speaker Manufacturing?
TWS pairs two party speakers
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l The Development Process of TWS technology
  l The Origin of TWS Technology
  l TWS Technology Application Extension
l The Application of TWS Technology In Speaker Manufacturing
  l  When Did It Start to Apply On A Portable Speaker
  l What Changes Do It Bring to Speaker Applications?
  l How to Use TWS Technology On the Bluetooth Speakers
l Summary
The Development History of TWS Technology
TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology is an innovative advancement in the wireless audio field. Its introduction has propelled speaker manufacturing into a new era of wireless connectivity. 
Let's delve into the development journey of it and its application in speaker manufacturing.

The Origin of TWS Technology
TWS technology originated in the realm of Bluetooth earphones. 
Traditional Bluetooth earphones typically required a primary earphone to establish a wired connection with the audio source device, with audio signals transmitted to secondary earphones via wired cables. 
However, the emergence revolutionized this setup, enabling two independent earphones to communicate directly with the audio source device, achieving a wireless stereo sound effect.

TWS Started in Tempo
The technology was initially introduced by a company called "Tempo" in 2014. 
Tempo is a wireless technology company based in California, USA, focusing on innovative wireless audio solutions. 
Their technology dramatically transformed the conventional wired connections of earphones and speakers, allowing users to simultaneously use two independent wireless earphones or speakers to experience wireless stereo sound.

While Tempo pioneered the technology, many other companies have since joined the market in developing and launching products. 
Prominent headphone and speaker brands, such as Apple with their AirPods Pro series, continuously enhance the performance and functionality, delivering exceptional wireless audio experiences to consumers.

 Expansion of TWS Technology Applications
As TWS technology continues to advance, its application in speaker manufacturing has expanded significantly. 
Wireless speaker systems utilizing the technology enable users to wirelessly connect two independent speakers, creating a broader audio coverage and more authentic stereo sound effect. 
This offers users a more convenient and immersive audio experience.

Application of TWS Technology in Speaker Manufacturing
 When did It Begin to be Applied in Portable Speakers?
The application of TWS technology in portable speakers can be traced back to 2016 when a company called Anker became one of the first to incorporate into portable speakers.

Anker is a company specializing in mobile power and intelligent charging solutions. 
They introduced their first TWS speaker called Anker Soundcore Liberty Air. 
This speaker utilized the technology, enabling users to simultaneously use two independent wireless speakers to achieve a wireless stereo audio effect. 
The launch of Anker Soundcore Liberty Air garnered significant attention and received positive feedback from consumers.

Following Anker's success in the portable speaker market, other companies began to follow suit and introduce their own speaker products of the series. 
Well-known audio brands like JBL, Bose, and Sony have also launched their own series, providing consumers with more options.

Here are some Bluetooth speakers with the technology from AUSMAN Audio China
What Changes Does TWS Technology Bring to Speaker Applications?
The application of TWS technology in speaker manufacturing represents a significant advancement, bringing various advantages and innovations. 
Speaker manufacturers incorporating it into their products enable the wireless 

Bluetooth connection of two speakers, enhancing the overall audio performance. 
This is particularly beneficial for portable speakers used in outdoor settings, upgrading the overall sound experience.
The following are the key aspects its application in speaker manufacturing:
1. Wireless Bluetooth Connection
TWS technology eliminates the need for traditional wired connections in speakers. 
Two independent wireless speakers can communicate and synchronize without any wired connections. 
This allows users to freely position the speakers, creating a more flexible and versatile audio setup.

2. True Stereo Experience
TWS technology achieves a genuine stereo sound effect by simultaneously transmitting audio signals to both speakers. 
This creates a more realistic and immersive audio experience, enabling users to enjoy a wider audio coverage.

3. Multi-Room Expansion
The technology also supports multi-room expansion functionality. 
Users can connect multiple TWS speakers together, forming a wireless audio system that covers multiple rooms. 
This enables users to enjoy synchronized audio experiences in different rooms.

4. Simplified Setup and Usage
TWS speakers feature a simplified setup and usage process. Users only need to pair the two speakers and wirelessly connect them to the audio source device. 
This eliminates the complexity of wired connections and configuration steps, making the setup and usage of speakers more convenient.

How to Use TWS Technology On the Bluetooth Speakers
Using the technology in wireless speakers or earphones is straightforward. 
You can refer to the device's instructions for detailed guidance. Here is a general outline of the steps involved:

Step 1
Ensure that both devices are charged or connected to a power source and in pairing mode.
Step 2
Follow the instructions or user guide of the devices to pair them. Typically, you need to press a specific pairing button or perform specific operations.
Step 3
Once the devices are successfully paired, you can place them in different positions to achieve broader audio coverage. 
For example, you can place two TWS earphones in your ears or position two speakers in different rooms.
Step 4
Turn on your audio source device (e.g., smartphone, computer, or music player) and wirelessly connect it to the devices. 
Select the respective devices for connection in the settings of your audio source device.
Step 5
Play your favorite music, videos, or other audio content and enjoy the wireless stereo sound effect. 
Audio signals will be simultaneously transmitted to both devices, creating a more immersive and authentic audio experience.

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The development of TWS technology has made wireless audio experiences more convenient and liberated. 
Whether in the realm of Bluetooth earphones or wireless speakers, it offers users superior audio solutions.

For instance, AUSMAN Audio, a speaker manufacturer, incorporates into many of their products, aligning with market trends and meeting consumers' application needs.

By eliminating the need for wired connections, it delivers genuine wireless stereo sound effects, allowing users to enjoy a wider audio coverage.
With the continuous advancement of TWS technology, we can anticipate more innovative applications and exceptional wireless audio products in the future.

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