Unique Designed LED Tower Bluetooth Speaker From China
Unique Designed LED Tower Bluetooth Speaker From China
Unique Designed LED Tower Bluetooth Speaker From China
Unique Designed LED Tower Bluetooth Speaker From China
Unique Designed LED Tower Bluetooth Speaker From China
Unique Designed LED Tower Bluetooth Speaker From China

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Drive Unit
2*8'' Woofers+Tweeter
3.7V/3000 mAh Li-ion Battery
PE bag+carton



Your Leading Supplier For dual 8-inch Tower Bluetooth speaker In China

AS-8809 is a unique designed portable dual 8-inch tower Bluetooth speaker of party speaker serie for wholesale.

It is Manufactured by AUSMAN from China, a professional party speaker manufacturer.

This tower speaker bluetooth is perfect for various occasions, such as outdoor activities, gatherings, speeches and K-song.

* AUSMAN Party Speaker Serie

  • 2*8"

  • 6h

    Battery Life
  • LEDs

  •  Active 

Tower Bluetooth Speaker AUSMAN AS-8809

About AS-8809 From Tower Bluetooth Speaker Manufacturer China
AUSMAN AS-8809 is a customized Tower Speaker Bluetooth with multi-functions for whoelsale. You can quickly know it through the following form.
Model NO.
Product Type
Party Speaker/Indoor/Outdoor
Adapter, user manual, remote control, wireless microphone*2(optional)
Tower bluetooth speaker used for karaoke at home
Tower bluetooth speaker used in courtyard party
Tower bluetooth speaker connected to TV
Tower bluetooth speaker used on the street
Tower bluetooth speaker for outdoor activities
Tower bluetooth speaker used as a guitar AMP

Bluetooth Tower Speakers with Powered Subwoofer
With 100 watts output and dual 8 inch subwoofer, AUSMAN AS-0809 provides clear, dynamic and realistic music performance.
Whether it is playing your favorite music, singing, speaking or organizing activities, it can provide an impressive sound experience experience.
dual 8 inch tower bluetooth speaker
LED Tower Bluetooth Speaker for street performance
Durable Plastic Speaker Enclosure
ASUMAN AS-8 uses high-quality plastic enclosure-PP to ensure the durability of the party speaker.
Excellent Portability Party Speaker
Although the size is 286*286*807mm, the weight is only 12 pounds.
AS-8809 has a sturdy handle and easy to slide wheels, and we can easily bring them to various occasions.
Tower Bluetooth Speaker AUSMAN AS-8809 with wheels
LED Tower Bluetooth Speaker for home music
Tower Design Bluetooth Tower Speaker System

AUSMAN AS-8809 has a floor-type tower design.
The two 8 -inch bass are vertically distributed on the front face of the speaker, and the treble is between the operating panel and the bass.

Functional Operation Panel

AUSMAN tower speaker with Bluetooth AS-8809 is equipped with a fully functional operating panel.
It allows you to fully control the performance of the speaker.
By adjusting parameters, volume, tone or echo, you can easily adjust the sound quality and sound effects to meet the needs of different scenes.
Fully Control For K-Song On the Top
Portable Karaoke Machine
Multi-color DISCO Lights
The AS-8809 is equipped built-in multi-color lighting effect.
With the rhythm of music, colorful disco lights are beating in rooms or outdoor spaces, this tower speaker creates an exciting atmosphere for you.
Long-lasting Power For Outdoor Events
The Portable Bluetooth tower speaker AS-8809 has built-in rechargeable battery.
One charging can meet your outdoor activities, you can enjoy continuous audio entertainment for 6 hours.
 tower bleutooth speaker used in street shows
towe speaker connected with bluetooth
Wireless Bluetooth Tower Speaker Input Options
AS-8809 equipped wireless module blue tooth.
It supports one-click Bluetooth connection, you can easily connect with Bluetooth devices (such as smartphones and tablets).
More Input Options For AUSMAN AS-8809
AS-8809 has a variety of audio input options except wireless BT. 
So you can connect audio source equipment in various ways.
In addition, it also supports USB/SD card/AUX play streaming music.
Portable Karaoke Machine
Portable Karaoke Machine
Tower Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio
AUSMAN AS-8809 has a built-in FM radio module.
When we are tired of songs on mobile phones or USB stored, we can switch to FM radio.
At this time, we can choose the FM radio news, shows or the latest popular music.
Multiple Scenarios Tower Speaker with Bluetooth
AS-8809 is a all-around bluetooth speaker that is suitable for various scenarios.
It is the perfect partner of social gatherings to provide high-quality sound effects for family gatherings, birthday parties or courtyard barbecue.
Perfect AMP for your street band show
Customized Unique Designed Options For AS-8809 in AUSMAN China
In response to the differentiation of audio markets around the world, manufacturer AUSAMAN China offers customized options.
Options includes: shell color, type of touch, sound pressure, input components, logo customization, Bluetooth version, power supply and so on.

AUSMAN has a separate process flow for AS-8809, the purpose is to maximize its performance and minimize the cost.
This can ensure that our downstream wholesalers have market competitiveness and profit space.

AUSMAN can provide you a tower Bluetooth party speaker belonging to your own brand.

Here is a video about the assembly manufacturing process in factory workshop of AUSMAN.
It can help you better understand the production process of AS-8809.
What Is the Best Tower Bluetooth speaker?
This is a question that people often ask, and we think the answer is not the only one.
Here are some opinions about high-quality tower Bluetooth speakers for the current market.

1. Excellent Sound Quality 
The speakers should have excellent audio performance and provide clear, balanced and realistic sound quality.

2. Strong Power
They usually have high power output to provide sufficient volume and sound performance.
The best speakers should have appropriate power, so that music can perform well in various scenes indoors and outdoors.

3. Multi-function Connection
Excellent tower speakers should have a variety of popular connection options, such as Bluetooth, USB, AUX input, etc.
In this way, users can choose the appropriate sound source equipment to connect as needed to facilitate wireless or wired playing music.

4. The User-friendly Operation Interface
The speakers should provide an easy-to-use operation interface, and users can easily control parameters such as volume, tone, echo echo.
The intuitive button or touch control panel can improve the user experience.

5. Design and Appearance
This type of speakers are usually part of family entertainment space or office, so the design is also important. The best speakers should have an attractive appearance and coordinate with the home or office environment.

The above are opinions and suggestions for you.
We hope they will be helpful to you to find your best tower bluetooth speaker.
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Parameters about the tower Bluetooth speaker AS-8809
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