Dealer Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker AS-6602-08
Dealer Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker AS-6602-08
Dealer Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker AS-6602-08
Dealer Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker AS-6602-08
Dealer Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker AS-6602-08
Dealer Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker AS-6602-08

Item specifics

Business Type
Minimum Order Quantity
200 PCS
PE Bag+Carton
Place of Production



Your Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Leading Manufacturer In China

How to develop new party speaker models that meet your market demand?

Please contact AUSMAN and we will assist you throughout the entire process of design, testing and OEM mass production.

Like the AS-1022-06, it is a portable speaker that meets modern aesthetics and is versatile. At the same time, it provides branders with a wide range of branding customization options.

We are a portable speaker OEM manufacturer, for global small and medium-sized distributors, dealers, contractors, and assembly factories. 

l More Party Speakers For OEM


  • 2*8"

  • Plastic

  • LEDs

  •  80W

Portable Wireless Speaker AS-6602-08
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We Can Custom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Parameters According To Your Market
Item No:
Plastic PP+Metal
Power Output:
Driver Units:
2*6.5" Woofer+Tweeter
7.4V, 4500mAh Lithium Battery
Input Voltage/Adapter:
110-240V/AC, 50/60HZ
Charging/Play Time:
Frequency Response:
SNR (Sing-to-Noise):
6.5 Kg/13 Lb
Minimum Order Quantity:
200 Units
OEM Price:
Delivery Time:
15-45 Days
Optional Accessories
AUSMAN AS-PT6006 speaker accessories
Options For Dealers:
To meet different market needs around the world, we offer a variety of tailor-made accessory combinations.
Accessories: Wired/wireless Microphone, Accessory Logo, Remote Control, Tripod Stand, Color Custom, etc.


Excellent Performance Will Be More Attractive To Consumers
Quality OEM Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker For Dealers
l Custom Multi-functional Portable Speaker System
The AUSMAN AS-6602-08 boasts a stylish design that resonates with the aesthetic preferences of modern consumers. 
We've incorporated sought-after features commonly found in contemporary audio equipment, such as Bluetooth 5.0/TWS, USB playback, TF-card support, AUX-In (3.5mm), Microphone input, and more.

l Brand Custom Options
At the same time, we provide performance OEM customization for brand dealers. 
You can customize functions based on cost, local user functional preferences, marketing needs, etc.
Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker AS-6602-08

Optional LED Lighting Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker

Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker AS-6602-08
l Custom Dalzz Dynamic LED Lighting
Besides the 7 lighting modes, we have made new attempts in the LED lighting design of AS-6602-08.
It has an 8-shaped main light with two small LED light strips on both sides.
This can provide users with a better music atmosphere.

l Brand Custom Options
Lighting is also one of the main customized projects for our customers, which is related to the culture and aesthetics of each country and region.
Contact us to get your exclusive OEM solution.

Power and Battery Custom Solutions For Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

built-in battery of speaker AS-6602-08
l Why Need Battery Solutions
We offer two power versions for the AUSMAN AS-6602-08: 60W and 80W.
Different regions or brands have different power and battery life requirements for speakers.
Therefore, we offer different power/battery versions to meet this differentiation.

l Brand Custom Options
Through differentiated customization, dealers can produce products that meet their sales needs at the most reasonable cost.


Get Best Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker To Delight Your Customers
How To Custom Ideal AS-6602-08 For Your Market
l Customization Makes Your Brand Standout
AS-PT6006 is a Portable Karaoke System with a plastic casing. 
Building upon our standard model, you have the flexibility to incorporate custom features tailored to meet local market demands, enhancing your brand identity.

l Time Needed
Conventional Custom: 1-3 weeks.
Deep Custom: 3-6 weeks.

AS-6602-08 Packaging Designed For Your Business
Your design ideas, AUSMAN designers realized it, so as to increase your brand recognition and sales.
Party Tower Speaker Packing Box
Wirleess LED Speaker Packing Box
AS-6602-08 Packaging Design
Wirleess LED Speaker Packing Box

AUSMAN Audio Quality Assurance For AS-6602-08
AUSMAN Certifications
l Quality Is Your First Priority
AUSMAN provides you with high-quality OEM Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker through strict quality control, from raw materials to finished products.

l Custom Options
The  AS-6602-08 OEM production management system adheres to ISO9001 : 2015. 
Meanwhile, we provide customization with different quality needs to meet the certificate requirements, such as CE/BSCI/UL, etc.

Production Tracking & Shipment Term For AS-6602-08

We will adhere strictly to our contract and provide you with timely progress updates to ensure the delivery.
The production time for an order is contingent upon factors such as order quantity, customization, and factory orders. 

1. The table only indicates the time for production and inspection.
2. This timeline doesn't include the time for design and adjustment.
Timeline of Production and Shipment


Production Time

Shipment Term

1000 Units 

15 Days

15-20 Days

1000-5000 Units

20 Days

20-30 Days

5000-10000 Units

30 Days

30-40 Days

10000-50000 Units

45 Days

45-60 Days

After-Sales Service and Technical Support

l Effective After-sales Is Great Support

Years of OEM Bluetooth wireless portable speaker manufacturing and export experience have told us that problems will always arise: circuit board failures, power supply malfunctions, speaker noise, packaging damage, and more.

The essence of effective after-sales support lies in promptly resolving issues and minimizing customer losses.

  • l AUSMAN's Promise

  •  Respond within 6 hours and offer solutions in 3 days.

Technical Support for audio sp

4. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Choose AUSMAN AS-6602-08?
The AS-6602-08 speaker isn't just a audio device; 
It's a smart choice to collaborate with AUSMAN. 
We bring professional manufacturing, innovative design, and rich experience to provide exceptional audio solutions. 
Whether you're a small-scale wholesaler or a distributor, portable wireless speaker system AS-6602-08 brings the magic of music and boundless business opportunities. 
Contact us for more information and let's build a successful partnership together.

2. Is This A Portable Waterproof Wireless Speaker Bluetooth?
Its waterproof level is IPX4, which can cope with various scenes of daily life.
If you have higher requirements in terms of water resistance, you may want to choose IPX7 products.

3. What Collaboration Modes Does AUSMAN Audio Offer?
AUSMAN, the portable speaker factory, offers two collaboration modes: production with the AUSMAN logo and ODM private label production
You can decide which collaboration mode best suits your business needs.6 Affordable pricing for wider consumer accessibility.

What Shold You Do Now?

l Professional Supplier Makes Your Sales Easier

  • 1. Get Cusom Solutions
    By consulting with us, gain insights into the project budget and assess its investment viability.

    2. Deep Investigation
    Visit our factory or schedule a video conference to verify if our manufacturing capabilities align with your sales requirements.

    3. Keep Growing With Technolical Support
    Feedback on the market response to AUSMAN team, keep optimizing to ensure its competitive advantage.

AS-2801A Parameters

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Customization Is An Effective Integration of Product With Your Brand and Local Market. 
 We Can Help You Realize It