China Big Blue Party Speaker With Lights AS-8802
China Big Blue Party Speaker With Lights AS-8802
China Big Blue Party Speaker With Lights AS-8802
China Big Blue Party Speaker With Lights AS-8802
China Big Blue Party Speaker With Lights AS-8802
China Big Blue Party Speaker With Lights AS-8802

Item specifics

Business Type
Minimum Order Quantity
200 PCS
PE Bag+Carton
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l A customized Big Blue Party speaker with LED dynamic lights from China.

l Characterized by large and light, and strong portability.

l Cope with many indoor and outdoor scenes.

l AS-8802 accepts both OEM and ODM order production.

l Manufacturer AUSMAM has 12 years of experience and can solve problems of speaker production and export for customer around the world.

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  • 2*8"

  • Plastic

  • LEDs

  •  100W

Party Speaker With Lights AUSMAN AS-8802
Portable speaker with lights AS-8802
Portable speaker with lights AS-8802
Portable speaker with lights AS-8802
Portable speaker with lights AS-8802

l General
Model No:  
Speaker Type:
Party Speaker
Driver Units:
2*8" Woofer+Tweeter
Frequency Response:    


3.7V/3000mAh Li-ion Battery
l Weight&Dimensions
150 mm/11.2 inches
807 mm/31.7 inches
150 mm/ 11.2 inches

Custom Features
High-quality Plastic Housing: Durable and Low Production Costs
Why does AUSMAN use plastic as the main body of the speaker?
Plastic is a renewable resource that complies with the direction of environmental protection and carbon neutrality.

The price is lower than that of wood. The plasticity is strong, and the shape is changeable.
Support large-scale production, reduce production costs and make terminal sales prices more acceptable to consumers.

Big Size Bluetooth Party Speaker Bring Your Customers Shocked Sound
AUSMAN AS-8802 provides a powerful 100W power output.
With a height of 800mm, we can arrange two 8-inch woofer units, allowing you to enjoy an immersive bass experience.

Customized Dynamic LED Lighting: Add Points To The Product
The AUSMAN AS-8802 LED light panel covers two 8-inch low speakers and provides 7 light modes to make your party more atmospheric.

Active Amplifier
It is a multi-functional active speaker, with dual woofer drivers and LED dynamic lighting effects, and supports multiple speaker access methods, such as AUX, USB and Bluetooth.
Custom Optional Accessories
Accessories for AS-8802 include an AC charger, wireless microphone and remote control, product instructions in different languages, etc.
You can choose the right accessories according to local consumption habits, reduce wholesale costs and make your products more competitive.

OEM Your Branded Bestselling AS-8802 In AUSMAN
OEM or ODM from China?
It depends on your need.
But with our customization ability and experience, whether it is a product custom manufacture or a problem encountered in the procurement process, we can quickly solve and meet your needs.

AUSMAN Blue  speaker AS-8802
AUSMAN Blue  speaker AS-8802
AUSMAN Blue  speaker AS-8802
AUSMAN Blue  speaker AS-8802


1. What Is The big blue Party Speaker Price For Sale?
Basic Factory Price: $18.0/set
AS-8802 cost consists of basic cost + custom cost.
AUSMAN supports our B2B customers to add some qualitative features to the basic model to increase the comprehensiveness of the product and adapt to the local market.
In addition, the price we quote is the ex-factory price, you also need to consider the transaction method and logistics cost.
The total price varies according to different regions, but our team will try our best to offer you the most competitive price.
2. What is the Charger For This Big Blue Party Speaker?
All AUSMAN speaker products provide charging adapters.
Considering the different voltage ratings worldwide, we offer chargers that can be used in many countries.

The charger parameters of AS-8802 are as follows:
Input voltage: 100-240V/AC
Input voltage frequency: 50/60Hz
In addition, we will adjust the parameters of the charger according to the country where the customer is located to meet the local electricity standards.
3. How To Pair Big Blue Party Speaker AS-8802?
Step1: Turn on the Bluetooth function of audio sources such as mobile phones, tablets and other devices, and set it to "Discoverable".
Step2: Switch to "Bluetooth" mode through the "Mode" button on the AS-8802.
Step3: On the Bluetooth device, such as a mobile phone, find the Bluetooth name "AS-8802", connect and confirm.
Step4: Open the APP you want to play and play the song.

4. How Long Can The Big Blue Party Speaker Battery Lasting?
AUSMAN AS-8802 adopts the "3.7V/3000mAh Li-ion Battery" battery solution, which is mainly considered from the overall product integration and outdoor solutions.
Under normal circumstances, it can support 6 hours of music playback.

We can adjust the solution to 7.4V 4000mAh or 11.1V 5600mAh according to the actual needs of buyers and wholesalers, which mainly depends on the product positioning and cost control requirements of buyers.

5. Is The AS-8802 Big Blue Party Speaker Waterproof?
Its waterproof rating is IPX4-splash-proof.
It can be used in most outdoor use scenarios.

6. How To Pair To The AS-8802?
1.Send your inquiry.
2.Our team will make a custom solution for you.
3.Confirm or adjust the solution.
4.Choose the transaction method EXW, FOB, CIF.
5.Confirm the paying bank and beneficiary bank of both parties.
6.Deposit (30%-50% of the total value of the goods) is supported, and the final payment will be paid after the production is completed and the goods are inspected.
7.Contact logistics to arrange shipment.

What can we do for you?
  • Reply your inquiry in 24 working hours.(our normal working time:6:00~22:00)

  • Experienced staffs answer all your questions in time.

  • Customized design is available.

  • Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by our well-trained and professional engineers and staff.

Party Speaker With Lights AS-8802
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