Customized Outdoor Speakers With Built-in Amplifier AS-0819
Customized Outdoor Speakers With Built-in Amplifier AS-0819
Customized Outdoor Speakers With Built-in Amplifier AS-0819
Customized Outdoor Speakers With Built-in Amplifier AS-0819
Customized Outdoor Speakers With Built-in Amplifier AS-0819
Customized Outdoor Speakers With Built-in Amplifier AS-0819

Item specifics

Business Type
Minimum Order Quantity
200 PCS
PE Bag+Carton
Place of Production



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Is your OEM supplier unable to meet your product development needs?

Check out our outdoor speaker with built-in amplifier AS-0819, it might just be what you're looking for.

As one of the leading outdoor speaker factories in China, AUSMAN Audio provides you with more than 500 models and 100 customization options.

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  • 2*8"

  • Plastic

  • LEDs

  •  80W

AUSMAN AS-0819 all in one outdoor speaker
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Custom Outdoor Speakers According To Your Market
Item No:
Plastic PP+Metal
Power Output:
Driver Units:
2*8" Woofer+Tweeter
7.4V, 3600mAh Lithium Battery
Input Voltage/Adapter:
110-240V/AC, 50/60HZ
Charging/Play Time:
Frequency Response:
SNR (Sing-to-Noise):
5.5 Kg/10 Lb
Minimum Order Quantity:
200 Units
OEM Price:
Delivery Time:
15-45 Days
Optional Accessories
AUSMAN AS-PT6006 speaker accessories
Optional Accessories For Wholesale:
To meet different market needs around the world, we offer a variety of tailor-made accessory combinations.
Accessories: Wired/wireless Microphone, Accessory Logo, Remote Control, Tripod Stand, Color Custom, etc.

Get AUSMAN AS-0819 To Delight Your Customers
High-quality OEM Outdoor Speakers With Built-in Amplifier
Dual 8" Driver+80W R.M.S
The wireless speaker system for outdoor AS-0819 is equiped dual 8-inch woofers, matched with tweeter, which can output high-quality music.

Brand Custom Options
AUSMAN can customize the sound curve to meet the audio needs of different environments (indoor/outdoor), aligning it with your product's market positioning.
The 8" speaker frequency response curve

Unique LED Strips: Colorful LED Lighting Effect To Win More Market

LED lighting of AS-0819
Attract Customers With Dazzling Lighting
The front panel of AS-0819 is uniquely designed and equipped with a dynamic light bar, which adds style and atmosphere to your event.

Brand Custom Options
We support customers to customize the branding of AS-0819's LED system, including color, dynamic rhythm and position.

Multiple Function Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers With Built In Amplifier

One-key Connection To Your Devices Easily
AS-0819 has a built-in power amplifier, so you don't need additional power amplifier equipment. AS-0819 supports Bluetooth, AUX input, USB, MIC, etc. 

Brand Custom Options
The manufacturer AUSMAN offers function customization (additions or reductions) to meet brand wholesalers' costs or market demand.
Multiple Function Portable Outdoor Speakers

Portable Design to Meet Your Outdoor Activity Needs

Outdoor Speakers With Built-in battery
Win Customers with Excellent Performance
The concerns of outdoor people about audio equipment include: portability, simple connection, multi-function, waterproof and continuous battery life. 

Brand Custom Options
AUSMAN professional technical R&D team supports you to customize any of the above functions to meet your marketing and sales needs.


Custom Features Can Match Local Sales
How To Custom Ideal AS-0819 For Your Market
AS-0819 is a Portable Karaoke System with a plastic casing. 
Building upon our standard model, you have the flexibility to incorporate custom features tailored to meet local market demands, enhancing your brand identity.

Time Needed
Conventional Custom: 1-3 weeks.
Deep Custom: 3-6 weeks.

Costom AS-0819 Packaging Designed Only For Your Brand
AUSMAN's professional design team can customize your outer packaging in line with your brand image and values, making the AS-081's packaging more personalized to attract customers' attention.
Party Tower Speaker Packing Box
Wirleess LED Speaker Packing Box
Bluetoth Party Speaker Packing Box
Wirleess LED Speaker Packing Box

AS-0819 Production Time & Shipment Term
Production Time
Shipment Term
1000 Units ≦
15 Days
15-20 Days
1000-5000 Units
20 Days
20-30 Days
5000-10000 Units
30 Days
30-40 Days
10000-50000 Units
45 Days
45-60 Days

Quality Assurance For AS-0819
AUSMAN Certifications
Quality Is Your First Priority
Customized Outdoor Speaker AS-0819 is manufactured by AUSMAN Audio and undergoes rigorous quality control from raw materials to the finished product.

Custom Options
Our production management system adheres to ISO9001 : 2015. Simultaneously, we will develop production processes and testing standards tailored to each customer's quality requirements, ensuring that the products meet the testing or certification criteria.

After-Sales Service and Technical Support

Effective After-sales Is Great Support
Selling the product to you is just the beginning of our collaboration. 
  • With this support in place, you can concentrate on your market and sales efforts, our team will resolve any technical issues with the product.

  • We are committed to providing ongoing technical support and enhancing our products based on your sales or market feedback. 

  • We will respond within 6 hours and offer solutions in 3 days.

Technical Support for audio sp

4. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Watts Is Good For An Active Outdoor Speaker?
The answer may not be very clear to the average consumer.
In fact, this involves two completely different playback environments, indoors and outdoors.

The noise in the indoor environment is small.
For example, in a room of 40-50 square meters, a 6.5-inch 40W speaker can meet our needs when the volume is adjusted to 50%.

The outdoor environment is noisy, and part of the sound will be attracted by the open environment, so we require the sound system with a higher power.
60/80/100/120W is the common output power of outdoor portable speakers, such as AS-0819 adopts double bass driver and 80W design to overcome these influencing factors.

How Does AUSMAN Audio Satisfy Your Brand Customization of AS-0819?
AS-0819 can be customized according to your specific needs.
You can choose the shell color, paint type, Bluetooth version, frequency response curve, etc. to make AS-0819 localized and in line with your sales route.

Why Choose AUSMAN Audio AS-0809 to Expand Your Sales Market?
As a professional audio solution provider, Guangzhou AUSMAN Audio Co., Ltd is committed to providing customers with high-quality audio products.
The AS-0819 outdoor speakers represent our commitment to provide superior products.
If you are a wholesaler, audio chain store or home appliance store, AS-0819 can help effectively attract new user groups and expand sales.

What Shold You Do Now?

Skyrocket Your Business With AUSMAN Best Outdoor Speakers
Professional Supplier Makes Your Sales Easier
1. Get Cusom Solutions
By consulting with us, gain insights into the project budget and assess its investment viability.

2. Deep Investigation
Visit our factory or schedule a video conference to verify if our manufacturing capabilities align with your sales requirements.

3. Keep Growing With Technolical Support
Feedback on the market response to AUSMAN team, keep optimizing to ensure its competitive advantage.

Customization Is An Effective Integration of Product With Your Brand and Local Market. 
 We Can Help You Realize It