ASUAMAN Portable Wireless Karaoke System AS-PT6006
ASUAMAN Portable Wireless Karaoke System AS-PT6006
ASUAMAN Portable Wireless Karaoke System AS-PT6006
ASUAMAN Portable Wireless Karaoke System AS-PT6006
ASUAMAN Portable Wireless Karaoke System AS-PT6006
ASUAMAN Portable Wireless Karaoke System AS-PT6006

Item specifics

MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)
200 PCS
Lead Time
30-45 Days
PE Bag+Carton Color Box
Place of Production



Your Leading Supplier of Portable Karaoke System In China

Wired karaoke machines can't meet party demands sometimes because of the wire is too short. Are you searching for a cutting-edge Portable Wireless Karaoke System to elevate brand's reputation and foster customer loyalty?

AUSMAN AS-PT6006 is the ideal solution to address sales challenges. Featuring dual 6.5" high-quality speakers, 80W R.M.S. output power, and a 6-10 hour built-in battery. It'll help your brand attract more attention.


  • 2*6.5"

  • Plastic

  • LEDs

  •  80W

Wireless Karaoke System AS-PT6006 and packing box
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l Parameter
Item No
Plastic PP+Metal
Power Output  
Driver Units
2*6.5" Woofer+Tweeter
7.4V, 3000mAh Li-Battery

Input Voltage/Adapter

110-240V/AC, 50/60HZ
Charging/Play Time 
l Technology
Frequency Response
SNR (Sing-to-Noise)
l Parameters can be customized according to your local market.
l General
4.5 Kg/10 Lb
Minimum Order Quantity
200 Units
Delivery Time
15-45 Days
l Optional Accessories
speaker accessories
To meet different market needs around the world, we offer a variety of tailor-made accessory combinations to match your sales strategy.
Options: Wired/wireless Microphone, Accessory Logo, Remote Control, Tripod Stand, Color Custom, etc.

Outstanding Sound Quality Portable Karaoke Machine
l Dual 6.5" Driver+80W R.M.S

Crafted with precision by ASUAMAN Audio, the AS-PT6006 boasts a robust 80W output power. The bass is delivered through two 6.5-inch bass drivers and tweeters, ensuring a crisp and immersive sound experience. 

Brand Custom Options: Tailor the sound curve of the speakers to perfection, creating an audio profile that aligns with local aesthetics to deliver an ideal sound for you. 
6.5" speaker frequency response curve

Multifunctional Interface For Effortless Connectivity
Portable Karaoke machine top panel and inputs
l Connect 5 Microphones A Time

The Portalbe Karaoke Machine AS-PT6006 features versatile connectivity options, supporting multiple audio sources like Bluetooth, USB, TFT, and AUX, ensuring compatibility is never a concern. 
It supports 3 Wired and 2 Wireless Microphones connected at the some time to realize a multi-person chorus.

Brand Custom Options: AUSMAN's expert customization capabilities offer flexibility in interface design. You can modify or eliminate interfaces based on your budget or market preferences.

Portable & Lightweight Wireless Microphone Karaoke System
l Durable Plastic PP Speaker Case

Featuring a sleek appearance, made from eco-friendly and durable plastic composite, this Portable Karaoke System boasts a compact design. With dimensions of 9.0"*9.8"*24" and a weight of 10 pounds, it is easy to carry.

Brand Custom Options: Utilize renewable plastics in adherence to environmental protection policies and employ injection molding to make the speaker boxes. This is conducive to large-scale production, with a monthly output of 200,000 units, and effectively reducing costs.
PP plastic pellets

Personalized LED Portable Karaoke System
l Dynamic LED Lighting Attracts More

LED is one of the selling points of AUSMAN AS-PT6006. The unique LED light strip design, LED lights on the front and two dynamic light strips on the top/bottom, making the entire speaker look fashionable and dignified.

Brand Custom Options: Craft LED modules tailored to your specifications. This involves swapping out various lamp beads or adjusting the rhythm to achieve a visual experience that aligns seamlessly with your sales requirements.

Customizable Safe Battery Power Supply
l Leak-proof & Explosion-proof 

AS-PT6006 utilizes the 18650 standard single-cell lithium battery (3.7V), which is safe, leak-proof, and explosion-proof. By varying quantities or employing series/parallel combinations, we can get different Voltages and Power.

The AS-PT6006 is equipped with a 6-10 hours battery, meeting the demands for a Portable Karaoke PA System uesed in outdoor activities.

Brand Custom Options: Allow you redesign the power solution and enhance battery capacity for longer battery life or other needs.
Voltages3.7V/7.4V/11.1V/12.8V, etc.
Power: 3600/4800//6400/8400 mAh, etc.


How To Custom Your Ideal AS-PT6006
l Customization Makes Your Brand Standout

AS-PT6006 is a Portable Karaoke System with a plastic casing. 
    • Building upon our standard model, you have the flexibility to incorporate custom features tailored to meet local market demands, enhancing your brand identity.

    Battery Custom Options:
    Conventional Custom: 1-3 weeks.
    Deep Custom: 3-6 weeks.

Brand Customization For Portable Karaoke System
l Why Need Brand Customization?

Our comprehensive design and manufacturing capabilities empower you with a multitude of customization options, spanning Speaker Case Color, Bluetooth Version, Sound Solutions, Power Supply, LED Lighting, APP Development, Packaging Design, etc.

Benefits For Your Business: Through brand customization, our AS-PT6006 can seamlessly align with your brand, elevating brand value and bolstering sales.
Speaker box design

AUSMAN Audio Quality Assurance
AUSMAN Certifications
l Quality Is Your First Priority

Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker AS-PT6006 is expertly crafted by AUSMAN Audio and undergoes rigorous quality control from raw materials to the finished product.

Quality Custom Options: Our production management system adheres to ISO9001 : 2015. Simultaneously, we will develop production processes and testing standards tailored to each customer's quality requirements, ensuring that the products meet the testing or certification criteria.

Production Tracking & Shipment Term For AS-PT6006

We will adhere strictly to our contract and provide you with timely progress updates to ensure the delivery.
The production time for an order is contingent upon factors such as order quantity, customization, and factory orders. 

1. The table only indicates the time for production and inspection.
2. This timeline doesn't include the time for design and adjustment.
Timeline of Production and Shipment


Production Time

Shipment Term

1000 Units 

15 Days

15-20 Days

1000-5000 Units

20 Days

20-30 Days

5000-10000 Units

30 Days

30-40 Days

10000-50000 Units

45 Days

45-60 Days

After-Sales Service and Technical Support

l Effective After-sales Is Great Support

Selling the product to you is just the beginning of our collaboration. 
  • With this support in place, you can concentrate on your market and sales efforts, our team will resolve any technical issues with the product.

  • We are committed to providing ongoing technical support and enhancing our products based on your sales or market feedback. 

  • Examples:

  •  Defective Product Returns/Software Upgrades/APPs Development

Technical Support for audio sp

4. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Kind of The Plastic Enclosure AS-PT6006 Is?
The standard version features a PP Speaker Enclousre.
Certainly, options include PE/ABS/acrylic, but this requires recalibrating the injection molding production process.

For portable speakers in this price range, we advise against new mold customization, as it can escalate subsequent sales costs.
Opting for small-scale brand customization on the standard version proves to be the most cost-effective approach.

2. How Do You Design Packaging For My Brand?
Our designers will design color boxes, user manuals, leaflets, etc., taking into account product features and utilizing the materials you provide (logo and copywriting) to ensure seamless integration of packaging with your local marketing.

What Shold You DO Now?

l Professional Supplier Makes Your Sales Easier

1. Get Cusom Solutions
By consulting with us, gain insights into the project budget and assess its investment viability.

2. Deep Investigation
Visit our factory or schedule a video conference to verify if our manufacturing capabilities align with your sales requirements.

3. Keep Growing With Technolical Support
Feedback on the market response to AUSMAN team, keep optimizing to ensure its competitive advantage.

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Customization Is An Effective Integration of Product With Your Brand and Local Market. 
 We Can Help You Realize It